Winning Strategies for Online Roulette

If you are a fan of casino games, you have probably tried your hand at online roulette. Ideally, the game is more profitable in a real physical casino because you can rack up more winning without being flagged. In addition, you will not have to go through the hassle of needing several accounts to enjoy your game and make profits. On the other hand, online roulette allows you the convenience of participating from your home. This is ideal if you are too busy to dedicate time to visiting a casino. You cannot also participate in the game even when you are not in close vicinity to a reliable establishment. Moreover, most online roulette systems are well-designed and provide better chances of making profits than physical casinos.

Whether you are a beginner or an aficionado of online casino games, there is one critical question that you must consider. What are the best winning strategies for online roulette? With a good established plan, you can start and continue winning at reliable casino, and you will not even need the online casino bonuses. One of the most important problem facing players of professional roulette in online systems is detection. Remember that even in online platforms, there is no casino that can tolerate a person that wins consistently. Bet selection also can present some difficulty, especially if you have not been playing for long. Here are simple guidelines to help you understand the right winning strategies for your online roulette.

Roulette Bet Combination

The first thing that you should note with regard to betting is that online casino systems are well designed for great randomisation of the presented bets. Therefore, outside bets are not ideal as part of your online roulette winning strategies. If you rely on betting on reds and blacks, the precision of your predictions will not be increased as one would expect with the usual one pocket accuracy. In the same way, your chances of winning using predictions based on highs and lows, the roulette dozens or even the one to eighteen and nineteen to thirty-six will not significantly increase. The only ideal strategies that will win you the game should be based on a combination of bets. In simple terms, any good plan must cover specific sections of the wheel, and a combination of bets will represent different sectors of the roulette wheel.

Double Zero or Single Zero

The American wheel is designed with both the single zero pockets and the double zero alternatives. Therefore, the casino is more likely to win over you if you choose this system. Unless you are not well-versed in the game, you know that you cannot increase your chances of winning just because there are two green pockets. Therefore, where there is a choice, consider electing a European wheel. This single zero design has only one green pocket. Your payout will be the same, regardless of the choice. You should note that the two tables look alike, but the American design has an additional area to accommodate double zero bets.

Avoiding Detection

As mentioned earlier, your main challenge as a professional player in an online roulette game is detection by the casino. Generally, casinos will monitor the performance of all their tables consistently. If they realise that there are too many wins in a particular table, they will flag the table and assume that something fishy is going on there. Therefore, if you are winning too well, the house will have to discontinue your play to avoid making losses. In some cases, the casino can refuse to pay your winnings. If they have a clause in their contract that can support their decision, you cannot really challenge them. Other casinos will look for a way to establish some other countermeasures to cap your winnings. Consequently, you cannot afford to make too many obvious wins using your account.

Get Multiple Accounts

You can avoid drawing the casinos attention by ensuring that your winnings from the business are relatively slow and discrete. Unfortunately, if you play often, this is almost impossible to manage. Therefore, you should consider getting multiple accounts so that you can participate in online roulette frequently without raising suspicion. Moreover, you can even close a casino account if you have made good winnings and further usage will promote detection. The main weakness of this strategy is the fact that most, if not all, casinos will only allow an individual to create a single account.

How to Get Accounts

Since you cannot register for more than one account, you should consider getting an account loan. This basically means that another player will allow you to use their account for your games. You will give them a small portion of your total winnings as payment for the service. You can also ask individuals from other regions or countries to create a new account for you. This can allow you to have several accounts without having to split your winnings. You can get people offering this service through the common mass freelancing sites for a very low fee. Before you get the account, ensure that the casino allows registration for players in that particular jurisdiction. There are also players that choose to use fake identities to setup new accounts in order to keep playing. However, there can be legal ramifications of this course of action.

For Large Winnings

If you do not want to invest in multiple accounts or you are just a casual player, you can choose a strategy that involves making large winning for a short period. Basically, this involves making your play when the roulette wheel displays the most predictability. You can make large bets on the game and make large winnings during this period. Even if you are detected, you will have already collected your payment and can move on. Unfortunately, the casino managers will analyse your play and tighten the countermeasures imposed to prevent a repeat incident. Simply speaking, this is a plan that will make life difficult for other players after your winnings.

The best strategy for your online roulette games will depend on the casino and your style as an individual. Some casinos which tend to restrict total earnings are more suited for sudden large winnings while others require a prolonged plan. Also, casual and long-term professionals will tend choose different winning strategies.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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