Winning strategies for online blackjack

Playing blackjack can prove to be quite frustrating. For one, online blackjack is one of the casino games with the best odds of winning. However, you may find that you are unable to win a single game. With the right strategy, you can change your fortunes and begin your winning streak. As a result, you never have to rely on being lucky.

Always Hit a Soft 17

A soft 17 means you have a 6 and an ace. It is said to be soft because the ace is counted as an 11 or a 1. The next card that you get determines the value of the ace. It greatly increases your odds. If you draw a card lower than 4 or 4, the Ace will be higher. If you get a card higher than 4, you should hit. When you decide to stand at 17, your odds of winning do not look good. If you get a soft 18, you can choose to stand. There is a chance you may beat the dealer. If you hit with a soft 28, there is a good chance you could get a lower hand. If you have hard 17, choose to stand always and hope the dealer has a lower hand.

Avoid Playing One Major Game

Blackjack is a game of odds. As with all casino games, the more times you play, the higher the chances you could win. If you want to increase the odds you have to play many small games. Thus, you need to be extremely patient. Take your time and split your money into small bets. There is a higher chance that you will win.

Use Strategy Charts

It is one of the best reasons to play Blackjack online. You can download the charts even as the game proceeds. These charts are quite useful when you are a newbie at this game. They put a hand in one of a pair of categories. You have either a soft hand or a hard one. The soft hand means that you have an ace. With these charts, you can devise a strategy based on what you have. These charts are free or sold for a small fee online.
Learn the Rules

Online blackjack casinos usually introduce a variation of the brick and mortar blackjack games. You should ensure you internalize all the rules declared by the house before you start playing. In some online casinos, a player can only split if their cards are identical, for instance. If you understand the rules, you can use an online Blackjack calculator more accurately.

Know when to Surrender

Surrender is an awesome strategy for playing online Blackjack. Despite your best efforts, things will not always work out. At times, you may find that whether you hit or stand, you will lose a lot of money. In such an instance, you should surrender. It will mean that half of your stake is taken. However, you will find that it will be more worth it in the end. You will have lost less than you would have. However, some casinos restrict when surrender is available. In such an instance, the player should just hit.

Choose Fewer Decks

Blackjack is all about having the odds in your favor. Each time you play a game with more decks, it increases the house’s edge. Although this increase may seem slight, it is because it is calculated for one game. If you play many games, your odds of losing shoot up incredibly. You should always choose an online casino with the least number of decks.

Try to Make the House Bust

You should not hit if the dealer is showing a 4, 5, or 6. You only do this if you have a soft hand. In such a case, there is a chance the house will bust. It will prove favorable to your chances of winning. In such a case, you should consider doubling or splitting your hand. It could highly increase your money if the house busts.
Only Split your Eights and Aces But Never Sixes and Tens

Aces are one of the most valuable cards in a game of Blackjack. If you get an ace or two, splitting them gives you a chance of getting 21s. However, if you have a 10 or 8, never split them. If you get a 10, it makes for an excellent base. However, a 20 is too risky. In addition, a pair of 8s gives your 16. It is possibly the worst hand in Blackjack. Splitting the 8s gives you the possibility of getting 18s. These are strong hands in Blackjack.

Do Not Take Insurance

Insurance is an option given when the dealer shows an ace. However, it is never a good idea. It ensures that you minimize your losses. Nevertheless, this strategy never works out well for a player. The house always wins in such a chance. It is because there is little chance of the house hitting Blackjack.
Use a Reputable Site

For you to be safe, you should do so at a trusted site. Take your time to research the site where you want to play. It only takes a short while and could save you a lot of money. Without the right site, you could end up being had for all your money.

Do Not Always Double Down on 11

This belief started back in the days of single deck Blackjack. You should think carefully before doubling down especially in multi-deck Blackjack. For instance, never double down if the house has a 10 showing. If you are serious about blackjack, doubling down should not be the main strategy you use.


Blackjack is a great game if played with a sober mind. As a result, never play any casino game when you are intoxicated. It makes it easy for you to bet higher stakes but with a weaker strategy. If you are a newbie, try playing some games that do not involve any money. Only stake your money if you feel confident you have learned enough of the rules and strategies of Blackjack.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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