Who is Ecogra

Understanding Ecogra

Ecogra is an agency that was established in 2003 with the objective of certifying online gaming software and systems. Since its establishment, the organization has been testing online casinos and ensuring that clients get high standards of support and excellent services from the gaming providers. The agency takes pride in its integrity and independence. The United Kingdom-based organization has been awarded the United Kingdom Accreditation Service ISO approval. The company has evolved to become the most recognized and respected online gambling watchdog. Besides certifying online casinos, Ecogra hears and moderates disputes that arise between the online gaming providers and players.

The history of Ecogra

Ecogra was officially launched in London in the year 2003. It was previously known as eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance before the name was changed to Ecogra. The company has grown to become the biggest watchdog for online casinos in the world. Ecogra covers betting sites that have been registered in various countries including Spain, Isle of Man, UK, and Gibraltar among other nations. The company’s objective is to regulate the gambling industry all over the world. Ecogra has been able to determine standards and coming up with ways of implementing them. The rules set by the organization dictate how the online casinos should operate while ensuring safety and fairness to the players. Ecogra deploys its compliance agents annually to ensure that the online gaming casinos implement the standards. The continuous monitoring and annual reviews ensure that Ecogra’s Generally Accepted Practice (EGAP) guidelines are implemented. Effective testing methods have been developed with which the company uses to review online casinos.

Ecogra Generally Accepted Practices (EGAP)

Ecogra emphasizes on standard and responsible gambling, and this is ensured through the EGAP requirements. The online gaming sites that comply with the Ecogra Generally Accepted Practices are awarded Ecogra’s Safe and Fair Seal. The online gambling operators are assessed annually to ensure Ecogra compliance specialists to ensure responsible behavior and fair gaming. Software developers and suppliers that comply with the applicable Ecogra guidelines are awarded the Ecogra Certified Software. The software vendor requirements focus mainly on internal controls that govern the internal development process and controls. There is an annual assessment on the software developers. Another seal that is known as the Ecogra Affiliate Trust Seal was introduced to be awarded to affiliate programs that comply with the Ecogra Generally Accepted Practices (EGAP) requirements that apply to affiliate programs.

Policy objectives of Ecogra

• Ecogra’s compliance activities are majorly focused on providing a safe, secure and fair gaming environment to online gamblers. Ecogra ensures this by certifying online casinos that only comply with the outlined guidelines. Some of the measures taken to ensure this include an annual assessment of the software, game rules, server outputs, and RNG among others.

• The company is also obligated to combat fraudulent and criminal behaviors among online gaming operators.

• Ecogra ensures customers’ privacy as well as the safeguarding of the players’ personal information.

• Ecogra also provides responsible marketing among online gaming operators. Responsible conduct plays a vital role when it comes to the overall reputation and integrity of the online casino operations.

• Vulnerable customers are safeguarded against fraudulent online gaming operators. Player protection is one of the foundry objectives of the agency. The operators should adhere to the rules and regulations that ensure players are protected against unfair treatment.

• The agency ensures responsible gambling by preventing underage gambling.

• The company’s compliance activities also ensure prompt and accurate payments to players. The agency provides a significant amount of tracking when it comes to issues that deal with payments and receipts to and from online gamblers.

• The company’s compliance activities are committed to ensuring customers’ satisfaction and support.

Online gaming operators’ benefits of having Ecogra’s accreditation

• Players’ acknowledgment: players will readily recognize and trust an online gambling site having Ecogra’s Safe and Fair Seal.

• Ecogra is an accredited testing agency that is recognized by most leading jurisdiction. The agency can address operator’s jurisdictional compliance requirements concerning Ecogra Generally Accepted Practices.

• Compliance with Ecogra Generally Accepted Practices gives operators industry-wide recognition. Important stakeholders in the market such as financial institutions, payment processors, and jurisdictions recognize operators that voluntarily comply with Ecogra’s requirements.

• Online gamblers have accessibility to a Fair Gaming Advocate at no extra cost. Players playing at sites that are approved by Ecogra have access to Ecogra’s Fair Gaming Advocate to resolve disputes that may arise between players and the operators.

• Approved online operators have the option to be provided with an annual Gaming Fairness Report. The report comprises of an independently prepared monthly return to the player percentage, which covers all categories of casino games.

• Online operators are provided with best practice guidelines, which are developed by the international auditing firms. The guidelines are meant to facilitate the implementation of the Ecogra Generally Accepted Practices.

Measures that boost Ecogra’s ability to deliver excellent services to its clients

• Ecogra has professionally trained and experienced staff that provide testing to the various categories of online casino games. The experienced staff have the required expertise from various fields including financial, technical, and security.

• The company has a vast experience having certified operators more than ten years since its establishment in 2003.

• The services provided by the company cover a broad spectrum of activities. Through this, the company can thoroughly understand the gaming industry together with its stakeholders.

• The company offers competitive prices to its clients.

• Each online gaming site that is approved by the organization is assigned a relationship manager and a backup manager that are continually on call.

• The organization is focused on ensuring quality services to its clients. New customers will be declined in cases where their admission will lead to a compromise to the quality of services provided to existing customers.

• The organization has a sophisticated laboratory that is equipped with in-house technical, risk, quality assurance, and IT functions.

• Ecogra has employed the best test engineers that are trained and experienced in the field on of online gaming and their high-end systems and techniques.

• The company was awarded the United Kingdom Accreditation Services ISO accreditation.

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