Is online gambling allowed in Quebec?

If you are a gamer and happen to come from Quebec, you have unlimited choices when it comes to online gambling. It is a government regulated Espace Jeux as well as a great international online gambling spot. You will get to play your favorite table games, video poker games as well as online slots, in person or comfortably at home. If you want to find the most attractive physical as well as online gambling sites in Quebec, the list of such kind of casinos is endless.

Gambling rules in Canada

Each province in Canada and its territories have both offline and online gambling regulations.
Some of the provinces have their own legit owned online casinos as well as lottery sites, while others do not.

Luckily enough, no matter your location in Canada you will always access global internet casinos for there are no regulations making it unlawful for players to play on such categories of websites.

On the penalty front, those operators running illicit, illegitimate gambling venues and online casinos from the Quebec borders must face the cops.
On the other hand, there has been no record of a single person in Quebec who has been arrested for gambling at offshore casino sites.

Why you should always play in online casino websites

• If your first language is English. You might want to go for an international gambling club instead. In case your Quebecois is a bit rusty, you may prefer an online casino whose native tongue is English. The official Quebec online gaming site offers a site that is already translated into English, even though the default setting is French, English language style on the site does not seem as great.

• In case you prefer English-Speaking customer care agents then a Quebec online gaming site based offshore is your greatest bet. It might sound funny how an online casino based offshore will actually provide superior customer care than that of a gambling online casino found in Quebec in your backyard, right in Canada.

• Whereas the best administrative Quebec online gambling customer care representatives are pleasant, you will find several with heavy French accents and will always prefer to speak in French. Contrary to this, many offshore online gaming sites have employed customer care representatives who speak English and come from Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

• Are you into winning very huge jackpots? Well, the more the players at larger international casinos the bigger the shots at winning. Most of the offshore Quebec gambling websites have been operational for decades. That simply means that they boast hundreds of millions of members who play online at a particular one time. That therefore implies that many participants are feeding jackpots that almost hit the C$5 million mark. On the other hand, the certified gambling online Québec website features nearly a hundred thousand Canadian members. This is to say that a much smaller fraction of players can be online at the same period. You should also expect reduced accessible slot jackpots which possibly pop less often.

• Are you a lover of a bigger signup bonus? Top global online betting Quebec websites go all out. It is really hard to get a promotion code for the certified Quebec online gaming site. If you are lucky to find one, it is probably not very good. On the contrary, the huge online casinos sites offer enormous bonuses. The online betting Quebec site really wants to contest with the bigger guys, but are pretty restrictive in the kind of internet bonuses that they offer.

• Do you love the idea of getting frequent bonuses? The larger sites will give you a reason to keep coming back for more. If you can manage to get a Quebec online gaming promotion code that might just be the last bonus you may get. The certified website for gambling Quebec casino games is not so generous with giving bonuses.

The alternatives available for Quebec gamblers

Have you been searching for a more fulfilling site you can play on in Canada? Well, you do not have to settle for an official Quebec online gaming site in order to enjoy games at reliable Quebec online casinos. You can find the most popular sites for gambling for Canuck gamers who reside in Quebec, at You will find comparisons, tests as well as review a whole range of both online casinos and gaming sites.

Quebec FAQ

What are the rules on online gaming in Quebec?

It is fully authorized to play at government’s Escape Jeux casino, only that you should ensure that you have attained the legitimate gambling age. Quebec residents can also play casino games at approved land-based casinos.
Quebec has never banned playing at foreign casino sites and no single player from Quebec province has been penalized by the rule of law.

Who is in control of gambling in Quebec?

The administration is in full control of all the websites and the live casinos.

Do you owe any taxes on your winnings?
No you don’t! Only the professional players who engage in gambling for a living need to submit their tax on real money earns.

How can you play safely?

You will always be safe while playing at the authorized national casino since it is carefully monitored for hacking and it utilizes advanced safety processes.
The most known worldwide online casinos are in addition extremely safe because such global industries have invested a lot of cash just to ensure that your money is safe. The casinos must also pass very tough local tests just to make sure that they are sufficiently guarding their clients from Canada and other different places.

Where can you get information when you have a problem with gambling?

For anyone who feels like they need help and guidance about gambling problems, it is just a call way. You can get in touch with Quebec’s Gambling Help as well as recommendation anonymously if you call on this number, 1-800-461-014 or can also visit this website for more information visit

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