What Does the Apex Casino Deal Mean for Customers

On October 3, 2016, Century Casinos officially closed the deal on their newest purchase, that of Apex Casino in Edmonton, Alberta. For CAD 27.9 million, Century welcomed their newest addition. Apex Casino is primarily a slot casino, with almost 382 individual player machines. They also feature 11 live gaming tables, a restaurant, a sizable banquet center, and a stage fully equipt for live performance. Apex is a relatively young casino, having opened its doors in 1994. It underwent one major renovation in 2010. Century has not yet announced any plans to renovate the casino. However, they have renamed the casino “Century Casino St. Albert,” and are pursuing liquor and gaming licenses.

Who is Century?

Century Casinos is a U.S. owned global casino enterprise who already owns a nearby casino in Edmonton, multiple casinos and racetracks in Calgary, and many other casinos worldwide. They company is focused on expanding its presence in the Alberta area. Geoff Smith, Century’s managing director in Edmonton, announced the company’s desire to somehow coordinate their two Edmonton locations.

What’s in store for the future?

Century has remained focused on closing their deal with Apex. As of October 1st, all dealing were closed and completed, allowing Century to move forward with their acquisition. While they have not made any official announcements besides the name change to Apex, customers can expect improvements in the future.

Century has proven themselves in the acquisition and development of several worldwide casinos. Their presence can almost certainly assure that Edmonton will see an improvement to entertainment offerings and will likely benefit from the close partnership of the two Edmonton Century casinos. Century has projected a great future for the Apex complex.

Century has no intention of letting Apex’s staff go. In fact, their purchase of Apex will likely guarantee additional jobs in the future. While they are focused on applying their own touch to the casino, they aren’t trying to disturb what Apex already had. They are eager to receive feedback from Apex’s customer base. They also promise to offer the same services but aim to improve their customers’ experiences if they can. While Century is a global company, they are committed to Apex’s unique role in its community.

10 Facts to Remember

1. Century made a sizable investment in the property.
2. They will not be laying-off previous employees.
3. They value Apex’s customers.
4. They will be changing the name to “Century Casino St. Albert.”
5. They are operating while pursuing licenses.
6. They already own a successful Edmonton casino.
7. They plan to coordinate the two casinos to offer customers the best possible experience.
8. The deal closed on October 1st.
9. The casino will remain open, but changes are likely to come.
10. Century is a world-renowned casino enterprise.

Century’s purchase of Apex Casino will likely breath life into the local gambling spot. While locals may be reluctant to accept the casino’s new owners, Century Casinos has a wealth of experience in casinos around the world. They definetly intend to bring Apex up-to-date and make it viable competition amongst other Canadian casinos.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson has been reporting for Blog.ca for more than 8 years. He studied journalism at UGC and has published two books on how journalism influences the world.


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