View Royal Casino reveals a $20 million expansion plans for its estate

The View Royal Casino is finally ready to go ahead with a massive expansion plan as confirmed by the casino in its Royal Council meeting held on September 20. The plan is set at a whopping $20 million budget. The initial plans for the estate were shelled out on account of the global recession back in the year 2008. Chuck Keeling, Vice President of the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation said that the decision was made after getting a nod from the B.C Lottery Corporation which wasn’t keen anymore on developing a second gaming facility on the island.

What’s new in the Plan?

This development will see an expansion of 42,000 square feet to add another dimension to its already sprawling 35,000 square feet casino. The development of the estate will see an addition of 350 electronic gaming machines in the new plans plus a 600-seater entertainment venue and a fine vast expanse of a dining area. The theater will act as a place to hold live entertainment shows and also for community events.

The expansion of the project is slated to start by 2017 and to be completed and ready for the public by early 2018. View Royal Mayor David screech was against the initial plan of making a second casino and had voiced his concern over the same with the BC Lottery Corporation. Mr. Screech says that the casino expanding in the island city was a good sign and one that would make the View Royal Casino a premier gaming facility. He said this was good news for View Royal and all the neighboring municipalities which will benefit from the casino’s operations. The upgraded facility is expected to add a new dimension to the revenue source of Greater Victoria. The View Royal Casino has been instrumental in contributing a significant sum of money which amounted to $4 million in the year 2015. The potential revenue from the new operation plans is expected roughly at $35-40 million with the city standing to make a $1.5 million to $2.5 million annually which will come as a payment for being the host municipality.

The View Royal Casino is controlled by The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation which started its operations in the year 2001. The financial year of 2015-2016 saw the casino making revenue of $71.8 million. An amount of $4.1 million also went to the West shore municipalities. The Great Canadian Gaming has also recently got done with upgrading two of its older facilities on the mainland and is looking forward to doing the same with View Royal Casino.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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