U.S. Citizens Blocked From Gambling Websites by Kahnawake

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, based out of Canada, has been having some real problems with some United States residents that are using their gambling platform. Due to some recent violations to their policy, the commission is considering banning citizens of the United States from using their websites. This dispute could prove to be very detrimental not only to people who love to gamble online, but also to websites themselves who use Kahnawake as a way to prove their legitimacy.

What Really Happened
The big issue that Kahnawake is having with the United States has to do with a breech of contract. There were a few websites that were using the Kahnawake name for illegal gambling websites. It was also being applied to betting on sports that is strictly forbidden in the gaming commissions rules. This has the commission up in arms about its U.S. users, wanting to ban them from using them as a form of backing.

What This Means
This may seem like no big deal, some of you may have never even heard of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission before, but if you have ever been on a gambling website, chances are Kahnawake was backing it. The commission offers legitimacy to these sites and helps to protect both the website and the user. Having such a large company backing gambling websites meant that if there was ever an issue or dispute, it could be brought to the gaming commission to be dealt with. This saved the gambling website from large lawsuits while helping to make sure that people gambling on these websites were getting what they won. Without the backing of Kahnawake in United States gambling websites, people run a serious risk of getting ripped off or sued. The threat of getting your money taken on the internet is always there, but at least when there was a commission overseeing the activities gamblers could at least have some peace of mind.

This could really change the face of online gambling for United States users because it shakes up the foundation. Without KGC as a regulator, it will be hard for people to find websites that they can trust. Unlicensed gambling websites are a real concern on the internet, and KGC really helped to mind them from getting out of control. This breech of contract could leave many people and their finances vulnerable.

Though many of the gambling websites who would be losing their backing say that they will function relatively well without the support of the gaming commission, it is hard to say how true this is when they are looking to keep as many players as possible. It would be good to stay alert and on the look out if you are someone who favors online gambling. Keep your eyes peeled for any indications of a loss of quality in your experience because this could very well have to do with a loss of support.

Try to do some research on gambling websites to see what they offer in terms of trouble shooting. See what their policies are when it comes to disputes. These are easy ways to make sure that you and your finances stay safe in the event that Kahnawake decides to pull their support from United States websites.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson has been reporting for Blog.ca for more than 8 years. He studied journalism at UGC and has published two books on how journalism influences the world.


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