Slots Rules

Are you are unsure how to play and what the rules all entail? Well, first off it is beneficial for you to learn the rules before you even attempt to play the online slots. It is good to only play for fun and not to expect to win money because you are never guaranteed to win.

Having the knowledge and perceptive of online slot rules and have a basic strategy plan, will boost your chances of winning. The slots are a very popular game that consists of a variety of rules that lets you know how each machine is set up to pay out and how often. However, even though the rules may be different for each machine, they do offer a variety of basic rules that are the same. Here’s a thought of a few rules that can affect your slot machine skills and involvement.

Wilds and Scatters

Ever single slot machine has 5 to 7 reels that use Scatter symbols and a few different styles of the Wild symbol. They both appear randomly after spinning the reels, but their payouts are a bit different. The wild symbol is to complete a payline as where the Scatter symbol does not.

Most Scatter symbols are linked with the actual theme of the slot machine and can increase the chances of the gambler winning. A Wild symbol is capable of replacing any other symbol, giving you a random chance to win on that current payline. If you are the lucky one, you will receive at least twice the payout or more than usual.

Remember when spinning the wheel a wildcard can appear, but doesn’t always benefit the player, yet it could. Whereas, when three Scatter symbols appear by chance on the wheel, no matter its location on the real, it will bring a benefit to the player if they win. After you win, you usually receive more tokens or possibly be sent directly into a bonus round when three Scatter symbols appear.

Paylines and Reels

As I am sure, you’re aware by now that each machine has different payouts depending on how many reels the machine has. For example, if you only have three reels there is only one payout line. Whereas, if you have five reels you could win on eighty lines, but the one that gives you the most chances to win is when there are seven reels which give you over one-hundred ways to win.

However, don’t let the number of reels fool you into believing the payout is more because that simply is not true. A payout is based mainly on how much you bid on each line that you play. Paylines mostly are fixed, but there are a few slot machines that do offer an adjustable payline feature. Technically this means if it’s a fixed payline you bid on all of the lines. Whereas, if the lines can be adjusted you are the one that determines how many paylines you wish to bid on.

Payout Rates

Knowing the payout rates you will be able to determine the one that pays out the highest amount. Depending on how much of a bid a gambler may place will determine how much the payout is; with any luck, you will get the money back that you have invested as well as extra in winnings. If you read the specs on the machine, you can determine what the payout rate initially is.

Therefore, if the payout is 90% the player will receive 90% of their winnings, which is 90 cents; while the owner of the online slot machine receives 10% or better said 10 cents. Online slots are more generous in their payout rates than those you find on a casino floor. Most of the time, online slot machine payouts range between 96% and 98% giving a huge difference of at least 40% higher rate.

Bonus Features

The Scatter symbol can activate the bonus feature; on the other hand, opening the bonus round could be triggered by the amount of tokens that you have accumulated. Therefore, for you to reach the bonus round, it will depend on your gambling skills or just happen by chance. No matter how it happens, the player will have the chance to achieve a substantial win.

Once you enter the bonus round, it may request for you to complete a mission or achieve a certain goal. For example, you may be asked to look for certain objects while clicking on specific icons. Sometimes you may only have to choose the right icon to reveal your wealthy prize. It is a possibility if you complete the bonus round successfully, you could, then be placed into a skilled-based round.

If that happens, all the money you have earned so far in the bonus round is on the line. However, this extra bonus is usually optional, but you can opt out of the skilled bonus round and still keep your bonus winnings. If you choose to go for it and win, you could win a substantial amount or lose everything that you had accumulated from the previous bonus round. Yes! I said you would lose it all.

Have fun

Now that you have learned some of the rules of playing online slots you have a better chance at winning, but it always can tip to the other side, causing you to lose. Therefore it is imperative that you only play for fun. Remember the online slots is a game that offers wins and losses by chance; there is no guarantee by knowing all the rules that you will win, you could always lose, so keep it fun.

Don’t base your life on winning the slots, because chances are they can go either way. If you are one of the lucky ones and win a little cash, that’s awesome, but keep in mind that you never have control of the outcome of your game. Have fun and good luck to you playing the online slots.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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