The Benefits of Canada’s Gambling Industry

Gambling possesses many different relationships with people around the world. While some people are supportive of the sport of wagering money and placing bets, others are pushed away by the negative results such as addiction and unhealthy decision making. However, like all sports and activities, there are always successful paths to take to ensure positive results and friendly sportsmanship. This is especially true in Canada, where the results of gambling seen every year. Gambling has become the country’s largest entertainment industry, and brings in a rough fifteen-billion-dollar revenue.

Positive Effects on the Cities of Canada

Positive effects of gambling can be seen throughout Canada, especially in major cities with a high-traffic rate of visitors. Tourism has seen an increase in visitors and provides a verifiable amount of income from travelers. A percentage of profit from gambling businesses are given to local communities to provide extra income. This leads to investment in community ran businesses and local upkeep. Charities are also effected by the positive side of gambling, with hospitals and growing businesses seeking expansions can do so through donations.

• Increase in Tourism
• Local Community Investment
• Charitable Donations
• Population Growth in Communities

Tourism Growth Through Gambling

Tourism is a highly-appraised effect from the legalization of gambling throughout Canada. Gambling establishments encourage visitors worldwide, and supply multiple activities that vary from destination to destination. Other areas that are effected by tourism growth is the increase employment rate, and positive results in international commerce. Food establishments and hotels profit from building close to highly-appraised destinations in the gambling industry. Multiple food destinations will choose to be located to fast-growing business in hopes of catching the available customers that will be close by. While gambling establishments increasingly attract visitors and profit is reached, they also supply neighboring communities and businesses with ongoing customers and business as well.

Investing in the Local Communities

Local communities benefit from increased monetary income for upkeep due to the donations from gambling businesses. These donations supply the city with the ability to clean up the city, help volunteer programs, and increase the relationships between the gambling establishments, and the city it resides in. While some institutions may not follow this tradition, the ones that do experience happier employees, increased business value, and positive social status within the community. Some areas of the community that can have an immediate effect of these donations are:

• Hospitals
• Community Centers
• Local Landscaping
• Investments in Locally Owned Businesses
• Volunteering Opportunities

Population Growth and Visitor Expansion

Population growth is another benefit of gambling in high-traffic cities that provide gambling activities. Larger populations in areas with high tourism can lead to multinational companies, and enrich the area with social and religious diversity. This has a direct effect on job employment, available churches, schools, and programs to children and families, and provide global activity in the area. While supporting these cultural changes and welcoming other practices, cities can grow both independently and as a community. Gambling may not be seen as such as important investment opportunity in other areas of the world, but Canada has definitely seen the positive reinforcement of allowing these businesses to provide entertainment to its cities and visitors.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson has been reporting for for more than 8 years. He studied journalism at UGC and has published two books on how journalism influences the world.

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