The BC Lottery Corp drops the ball on corporate social responsibility assessment

Recently, B. C. Lottery Corp, also known as BCLC, failed to perform a problem with gambling impact study on games recently released for online gaming and casino projects. The lack of an impact assessment was discovered during an internal audit and addressed by internal audit branch of the corporation.

The purpose of the Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment, also known as CSRA, is to remove imagery or wording that appeals to minors and games that idealize gambling as an alternative to employment. The corporation auditors are worried that, by not complying with the assessment, it may be giving the community the wrong message towards the BCLC. Also, the auditors informed the BCLC that, “it might also result in violations of advertising standards set by the provincial gambling regulator, the B.C. Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.”

There have been quite a few problems over the years resulting from staff turnover and lack of training. David Eby, a human rights lawyer and the provincial governmental representative for Vancouver-Point Grey, believes that the BCLC is not doing enough.
Eby says that the BCLC does use Gamguard, a consulting group for responsible game design, but the corporation does not pay attention to the final analysis. Eby cites an analysis of a Play Now game created in 2011 where the organization did not support the changes needed to make the game less addictive. Angela Koulyras, a spokesperson for BCLC, disputes this claim. She states that the game in question is removed from the website.

Eby criticized the Providence for raising the maximum online betting amount from $120 to $10,000 per week in 2009 and stated that the games in place were too addictive. He would like to see BCLC give long term consulting support along with the current emergency support helpline. He states that BCLC should insist that every participant should have to show their identification to deter criminals or gambling addicts from gaining access to the casinos.

The BCLC vice-president of social responsibility, Susan Dolinski, believes that the BCLC is doing more than its share of screenings and social responsibility. She says that no other casino is screening to the level that BCLC is doing. She says that BCLC is committed to reducing problem gambling addiction amongst its residents and it willing to do whatever it necessary even if they lose money in the process. She states that she is not ruling out checking id’s and is talking over its privacy concerns with the B.C. privacy commissioner’s office.

Dolinski said that the BCLC is, “shifting its focus from raising problem gambling awareness to changing behaviors and measuring outcomes.” She believes that these is always something that can be done to ensure that none of their gambling funds come from people with problems from gambling.

Written by: Johnny Okain

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