Signs Of Gambling Addiction And How To Overcome It

Gambling online or in a brick and mortar casino is fun and somewhat addictive. This a harmless way of spending one’s leisure time if done for entertainment. However, with the vast growth of gambling addiction issues from all around the globe, gambling has started to become a serious problem. And it already becomes a problem to someone who are been destroyed by gambling and started to affects the player’s life in different ways like psychological, physical, social, or vocational. Below are the a few of the signs of addictive gambling.

Preoccupation – obsession on gambling is one of the easiest ways to determine if one has a gambling problem. A few samples of preoccupation include reliving on the past gambling triumphs or failures, plans for the next excursion at all times and continuously thinking of ways to get more money to gamble.

Escalation – like of that of a drug addict, people with gambling disorder will also suffer some physical reaction like increased in heart rate, dissociation from reality, and more. Many of the problem gamblers wager huge amount in order to attain the desired effect and will play up to their last collar.

Trying to stop – players with gambling disorder definitely have a hard time and having multiple failed attempts of stopping is a good sign of someone is having problems with gambling. Like those addicts with narcotics, gambling addicts are also irritable and restless when they are trying to control themselves from their gambling habits.
Chasing – trying to win back the amount of money lost during the previous game by gambling more is considered to be chasing. Problem gamblers usually do this, which will lead them to a more severe monetary problem.

Lying – players with gambling disorder will most likely lie as to how frequent they are gambling, how much amount of money they spent in gambling, and more.

Alienation – alienating with friends, career, family, and more is a clear sign of gambling disorder. Gambling addicts continue to play despite the risk of losing important aspects like career, relationships, and more of their lives.

However, despite of the addiction of gambling disorder that a certain player has, there can always be ways in breaking this type of addiction. How to stop this addiction is stated below.

Stopping gambling addiction can be done is numerous ways, availing free programs like Gamblers Anonymous is one of the ways in breaking gambling disorder, a 12-step gambling recovery program that is patterned after Alcoholics Anonymous. One of the 12 steps includes admitting powerlessness over gambling and surrendering to a higher power. Higher power can be interpreted according to your belief (Jesus Christ, Allah, Jehovah, etc.). Another step is done by choosing a sponsor, a former gambler who has the time and ability to provide the gambling addict guidance and assistance.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is another method of breaking gambling addiction. This recovery program focuses on changing any unhealthy gambling habits and behaviors and thoughts. This program will also teach gambling addicts their gambling urges, helps them deal with uncomfortable emotions and more.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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