Playtech – First Native App made for Bet365

Sometimes in an industry that’s saturated with competition, the best way to advance your company is to do what seems at first to be counterintuitive: join with the enemy. Playtech and bet365 have done just that in order to provide one of the most impressive mobile casino gaming apps yet to be released in the world.

While Playtech specializes in designing cutting edge mobile casino gaming apps, bet365 is well-versed in operating those apps in order to ensure that they work smoothly and don’t have any service issues. Both companies realize that even the best-designed app would be useless if it was marred with a bevy of crashes and issues, so the developers have put extensive effort into ensuring that the app runs as smoothly as possible.

While iOS players by far make up the biggest portion of the market share, Android players are quickly catching up in terms of people who play mobile casino games. As such, bet365 and Playtech have wisely decided to support both platforms to ensure that they reach as many potential players as possible. bet365 has so far leveraged its experience at optimizing apps to increase the speed as well as the performance of the app on both platforms. While there are other mobile casino gaming apps out on the market, not all of them can claim to have a high level of speed and performance.

HTML5 has increasingly been used in applications of mobile casino gaming, but Playtech and bet365 think this is a mistake. The evidence corroborates this story, too, as the loading times for the apps that these two companies put out are significantly shorter than their HTML competitors. Speed really is everything–if your app locks up and consistently doesn’t work, players will quickly move on to an app that actually does work.

Even if you’ve developed a quality app, none of that will mean anything if you aren’t able to garner positive reviews. Whether it’s because of lack of interest or players being frustrated with the experience, there are all too many mobile casino gaming apps out there that have an inordinate amount of negative reviews. The app developed by bet365 and Playtech has so far garnered hundreds of reviews that all add up to an aggregate score of five stars.

Players are going to be scrolling quickly through the list of apps when they’re looking for something to download, and a five-star rating is really going to stick out. This rating was earned, too, when you consider just how much effort the two companies put into delivering a compelling and innovative experience.

The companies have offered up a total of more than 100 casino games for players to choose from. These games include some of the more classic titles, but they also include offerings that are a little more current. By diversifying the types of games that they’re offering, Playtech and bet365 are appealing to every potential demographic that is out there. Instead of developing a single gaming experience that might appeal to one platform or the other, the two companies have instead delivered an experience that has been optimized for both the iOS and Android players out there. This will ensure that everyone truly is happy.

Instead of having to go through the hassle of searching through the giant list of games in order to find their favorites, players actually have the ability to group their favorites together in order to easily access these games in an intuitive way. This app also features the greatest amount of offers and rewards in the mobile casino gaming industry, which will no doubt attract those players who are in it for the monetary rewards. Even players who are playing for fun will be able to take advantage of the player-friendly features that this app has to offer.

Instead of having one single lobby for iOS and Android players to share, OPlaytech and bet365 have incorporated a system where they can provide dedicated lobbies for each platform. This ensures that both sets of players have a smooth experience and that the setup never becomes confusing for anyone. After all, the smoothness of the experience is really what players will judge the app by.

You might think that this is a brand new app, but it’s actually an extension to an app that’s already in existence. Players who already have this older app can upgrade to the new version fairly simply. All they have to do is navigate to either the app store or play store depending on their device and then update the app accordingly. Players who are new to the system don’t have to have the old app in order to play, this is a standalone app that can either serve as an upgrade to the old offering or introduce the player to this setup on its own. Whatever the case, this app makes it simple to get started in the world of mobile casino gaming.

When it comes to mobile casino games, the experience has to be intuitive and accessible to any kind of demographic. While there are many offerings out there on the market, there are few that are developed in such a comprehensive way than the app that Playtech and bet365 are putting out. Designed entirely for the enjoyment of the player, this is an app that gets everything about the mobile casino gaming experience and little, if anything, wrong. Along with this, hundreds of reviewers can’t be wrong. This new app delivers on its claims.

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