The Paysafe Card A Better Way To Pay

Because of the impact of the worldwide market crash in 2007 – 2008 and also because of the explosion of worldwide online sales we are seeing more and more of what are generally referred to as digital currencies and digital payment platforms. These digital currencies are simply an alternative to buying, selling and paying for products and services with a credit card or local currency, they instead use a digital process to complete the transaction. One of the largest of the new companies involved in this is Paysafe Group PLC. Paysafe is headquartered in the Isle of Man, an independently administered jurisdiction that is separate from the United Kingdom. While the island nation itself is technically not a part of Britain, the Isle of Man is recognized as a territory of the United Kingdom and a territory that the United Kingdom is legally responsible for.

Some of the items that Paysafe Group PLC has focused on are digital currencies that use a card that processes payments using the debit system. The reasons for this surge in this new way to pay are that the credit scores of millions of people worldwide have been damaged because of the global market crash in 2008, and because of this, the public’s faith in banks, credit, and other financial systems have steeply declined. As a consequence, the use of credit cards has also severely slowed down. Paysafe Group PLC and the Paysafe Card have stepped into this vacuum to fill it and according to the response Paysafe’s new card customers, this method of buying and selling seems to be working out nicely for the company and its customers.

Another reason that the Paysafe Card is going over so well is that unlike America, most people in Europe and the countries of the European Union have never been big believers in credit cards; they simply don’t trust them. According to the latest studies, 35% of all European Union Citizens do not own or use a credit card. The reasons for this are that many EU citizens are afraid that their personal information will be lost or stolen from their card. This, of course, is just the opposite of America where practically everyone uses or did use credit cards. Another feature of using a Paysafe Card that has helped its popularity is that it is not a credit card it is a debit card. There is no credit check to acquire one and almost anyone can simply apply and get one by answering a few simple questions. You just answer a few questions, fill it with whatever currency you want to use and you can immediately use it. The cards can also be purchased at major retail outlets all over America or in Europe. The cards are available at Epay, Price Rite, Randalls and Tom Thumb Stores.

The Paysafe Card can also be used in over 43 different countries on or offline, it can even be tailored to pay for or accept over 43 different currencies. It can also be tailored to pay for or accept monthly installment payments. Today, Paysafe is considered one of Europe’s most popular and safe prepaid purchasing solutions. It is available at over 500,000 sales outlets worldwide and in over 43 different countries. Literally, thousands of well-known online shops and outlets currently accept the PaySafe Card. It is continually gaining recognition as a fast, easy and secure method of processing transactions.

In fact, security is one of the biggest focuses of pay safe. They have a special department set up within the company that continually works on actively recognizing and removing potential fraud and threats.
Because of this, The Paysafe Card is a particularly secure payment method that allows its users to pay for things like online entertainment without having to reveal any potentially sensitive personal information, bank account details, or card information. As an example of the cards safety features, if the card is lost or stolen the only amount of the owner’s money that could be compromised is the amount on the card. It is simply impossible to trace the card back to a bank account or credit card.

Because the Paysafe Card has become one of the largest and most successful e-money issuers in the world the Paysafe Card allows millions of its customers to easily and simply pay for products and services online without worrying about the safety of their personal information or their money.

In addition, Paysafe takes its security one step further and requires that all shops wishing to offer the Paysafe Cards as a payment option must pass several critical checks for security by not only publicly addressed guidelines but they also require the shop to pass Paysafe Card’s internal company guidelines. Paysafe works in cooperation with all relevant authorities that are subject to any banking supervisory authority requirement in regard to not only money laundering requirements but also to all the requirements of companies that offer e-money. Another safety requirement that Paysafe has in force is that all of Paysafe’s partners must pass a compliance test before the completion of any contracts. Because of this requirement, Paysafe’s partner and online shop are inspected regularly for the company’s object, its business structure, and ownership. In addition, the partner is regularly checked to see that it has in its possession all the required licenses and permits necessary to successfully operate its business online and off.

Here are some additional and practical tips that will help you to make your online shopping experience with Paysafe successful.

Keep Your Paysafecard safe!

Never use your email to send you Paysafe PIN number to anyone. Also, never give you Paysafe PIN number to anyone over the phone. These methods of transmissions are just too risky and are an easy way for you to lose and never see the money you have on your card again. Also never pass it by E-Mail. Remember to treat your Paysafecard like it was cash.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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