Online Roulette Tips

Online Roulette is a widely popular game. People are consistently looking towards the internet for tips, strategies, and systems to increase their online winning average.

If you are looking to improve the way you play online Roulette, you have to be very cautious, especially when finding new strategies online. There are so many sites that promise these ‘systems’ they have created will help you win thousands of dollars and work 100% of the time, don’t listen to them.
On the other hand, some people swear by certain strategies that you can use to win at online Roulette, but are there any truth to these accusations?

Is There A Strategy That Works Every Time?

To answer this question you have to think logically. Casino’s – even online ones – are huge multi-billion dollar corporations, they aren’t stupid and know how to run their business. They won’t make a game that easy to win every time. There may be some strategies that can help increase your chances of winning. On the flip side, is there a ‘system’ for winning every time? The simple answer is no; no strategy will always work 100% of the time. It is all up to pure chance on where the ball is going to land. No probability calculation can influence or predict where the ball is going to roll, every time.

*Before I keep going, I just want to add this. There are websites out there that will give you a “win all the time” system. Most of them will make you pay an obscene amount of money to use them, don’t play into this. It is all a scam, never, I repeat, never buy systems from websites

Online Roulette For Beginners

The first thing beginners need to know, is that these tips and strategies take a great deal of practice and patience. It may take years to perfect them and they still won’t make you win every time. You have to remember; this is literally and figuratively gambling your money on a chance bet. Nothing is ever 100%, but these tips and strategies can help increase your odds at winning, but before we go into that, let’s go into rules every player needs to remember.

Rules to Play By:

There are certain rules every player needs to do so they can bring home some cash. If you’ve only played Roulette online a hand-full of times, these are rules to remember.

Be An Observer:

There is no harm in just watching and getting your feel of the game, the wheel, and the table before you make your first bet.
Choose your Table Wisely:

There are two types of Roulette – even online Roulette – American and European Roulette. When you choose to play at the European Roulette table, your odds are increased by almost 3% points. The American Roulette table has a zero slot and a double zero, and the European only has a zero slot. You obviously want to choose a Roulette table that you have an increased chance of winning.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race:

As easy as it is overextended yourself on single bets, or by splitting number. This isn’t the best strategy; another better option is to stick to columns or outside be. Slowing down will stretch the longevity of your game, even if you aren’t winning 35:1. Once you build up on the smaller bets, you can move up to an occasional gut feeling, and you can go for the bigger payoff odds.

Keep Your Winnings Separate:

It might be hard to resist doubling your bet, but to increase your winnings, it is something you’ll have to resist doing. Keep all your winnings in a separate pile and never use them to make a bet.

Beginners Luck:

Many beginners buy into “Beginners Luck”. But to be honest, there isn’t such a thing. Don’t be fooled into this scheme.

Difference Between Playing Roulette Online and Offline

To be perfectly frank, I think online casinos are perfect for beginners at Roulette. Why? When you go to a casino for the first – or maybe well after the first – time, there is this excitement and alcohol is flowing, and you can lose sight of what you are betting or even doing.

While going to a casino is fun, an online casino offers you more advantages when it comes to putting money back into your bank. You can take more time to think about your strategies, and you can also play for free to perfect what works for you. You also don’t have all the excitement around you going on and on top of that, there is no alcohol flowing – or there shouldn’t be if you’re smart – which means there is no alcohol haze that is covering your eyes; you are in the comfort of your home. The pressure is completely off you. There is also particular house casino rules; that won’t apply when playing online Roulette.
When you feel like you, have perfected your game you can certainly try your luck at a real casino.

American & European Roulette

You can choose to play between American or European Roulette. When you play American Roulette, the payout can be up to 94.7%. When playing the American Roulette system, the wheel has 38 holes – 1-36, 0, and 00.
When you play European Roulette, the payout is much higher at 97.3%. The European Roulette has no 00 hole, which increases your odds at winning. A lot of Roulette players advise the beginners to start at a European Roulette table because your chances are higher to win the game.

Tips Real Online Roulette Swear By

Here we have finally made it to the tips and strategy section. I do want to keep stressing that these aren’t fool-proof, and you will not win right away or every time. When playing this game, you have to keep remembering; it is all about chance, and no one can predict that.

Play The Outside

If you are playing the outside, you’ve nearly got a 50/50 chance of hitting a winning number.
Play European Roulette
As I stated before, you have an increased winning odd on a European table.
Take A Break From Online Roulette
Sometimes, you can learn a lot by just watching a real life casino game. You can talk to other players and get tips from them.

Try A Betting Strategy

Betting strategies are very popular. There are a couple out there floating around. Try them out, but just remember, there is no guide to winning online Roulette.
Click Here For All The Betting Strategies You Can Use For Roulette

Try Multiplayer

When you play multiplayer, you can play against others and see how they play the game.
Set Aside A Percentage Of Profits
If you want to take some money away from the match, don’t bet you’re all your winnings; you could end up losing everything

Play Only Reputable Casinos

The most important tip to remember is to play reputable casinos. If you are playing at an online casino that is rigged to make you lose, then all these tips are for >
Place The Same Bets On Two Columns and Half The Amount of Red
Pick a Few Numbers On The Low Side and Stake The Same Amounts on High
If you place bets on the lower numbers and the same on the “high”, you will win if the ball lands among the large numbers, and also if it lands on one of the figures where you placed your bet.

Cash Out When You Are Winning

This one is obvious, but not always easy. When you are winning it may seem like you cannot lose, but you can. Know when it is time to stop playing.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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