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The Amazing Success Of 888 Casino

In order to truly understand the amazing and consist growth 888 Games has seen over the course of its life you have to understand just how challenging the online gaming market is. When Avi and Aaron Shaked founded this company there simply wasn`t much of a precedent for what the brothers were about to do. In 1997, the internet was barely in its infancy and did not resemble the more mature and fully established incarnation we are familiar with today. Famous tech giants like Google and Facebook were nonexistent at the time the Shaked Brothers decided to create 888 Holdings and the online gaming websites that bring in such amazing revenue for the company. Even more amazing than the trailblazing of 888 Games is the consistent growth the company has seen over the years of its existence. In 2015 the company operated 4 of the 5 online gaming websites legally allowed to operate in the United States. That level of dominance only happens with the amazing talent Avi and Aaron Shaked have cultivated over years.

The variety of games 888 Games currently offers is largely the result of the acquisitions 888 Holdings made in the mid 2000s. Examples of the companies that 888 managed to purchase that year include sports betting website Ladbrokes and Bingo giant Globalcom Limited. While 888 Games had to pay a large sum to acquire these companies(Globalcom Limited was purchased for roughly $45 million), the options opened by these acquisitions have greatly helped 888 Games continue to grow at an exponential rate. 888Bingo, an online gaming website focused on bingo owned by 888 Games, would likely not exist if not for Globalcom Limiteds acquisition.

888 Games is currently on multiple stock market indexes and these listings happened at a relatively early time in its life. Only 7 years after the its founding, 888 Games was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2005. Only a couple of years later the FTSE 250 Index placed the company into its index. With the massive profits 888 Games is seeing its no surprise that investors would like a piece of the pie. In 2015 when rumors of William Hill purchasing the company for 1.54 billion euros swirled around, the stock value of 888 Holdings increased 18%.

In business its far too easy for startups to fail in a short period of time. When businessmen try to venture into uncharted territory the likely hood of failure is almost certain. 888 Games managed to defy those odds and emerge as a dominant player in the online gaming market. It has expanded to include everything from casino websites to sports wagering. The genius of 888 Games lies in its ability to constantly expand into new gaming markets while continuing to hold on to its existing websites. So far this strategy shows no signs of stopping.


888 Casino launches new website

888 Casino launches new website
Launched in 1997, 888 Casino holds multiple awards. It’s been named Best Digital Operator and Gaming Intelligence Award by Global Gaming. EGR’s awarded 888 with the titles of Casino Operator of the Year and Poker Operator of the Year. The casino won Gaming Intelligence’s illustrious Best Casino Operator award in 2015. While the casino keeps delighting players from many countries, management continues to listen to feedback and make improvements. Most recently, the site earned a brand new design. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the casino kicks things off with a special bonus. Start with a no-deposit bonus of £15 to £888. Learn more about this and other bonuses and the benefits to the redesign.