Online Blackjack Rules

In recent past, there has been a remarkable increase in the popularity of online Blackjack. The introduction of numerous online casinos, offering this game, give gamblers and blackjack enthusiasts an opportunity to wager some money and enjoy the game, regardless of their physical location. As a result, the number of beginners in this game has also increased rapidly. In addition to understanding and applying the right blackjack strategy, you also need to know the various rules governing the game. This will not only make the gaming environment fair, but will also increase your probability of winning in blackjack. Throughout this article, you will get the rules, strategies and tips you should apply while playing Online Blackjack.

How Does The Blackjack Betting System Work?

As compared to other casino games, blackjack one of the few that offer the best odds—featuring a house edge of less than one percent, while playing the game optimally. For this reason, many players believe that blackjack is a strategy that is aimed at increasing the odds of a player in the game. Ranging from the complicated betting theories and odds calculating efforts to the simple betting patterns, the betting systems used in blackjack differ in one way or the other. Basically, the following are the two main systems of betting used in playing online Blackjack.

1.Card Counting

In blackjack, this strategy is mainly used to ascertain whether the following hand offers a better chance for a player to win. The strategy allows players to wager more money with a limited amount of risk. Additionally, the card counting strategy helps players minimize losses associated with losing the game. In its function, this system assigns point values in relation to the effect of their removal. While using this blackjack strategy, the low cards will hurt the player and assist the dealer.

2.Positive/Negative Progression

The positive progression is basically a theory whereby the player raises after every win. This system allows the player to fund future hands using profits from the previous hand. The negative progression system, on the other hand, is where players raise their bets after every loss while playing blackjack.

Casino Etiquette

As a result of technological advancements, live casinos are not as popular as they used to be a few years ago. Currently, many gambles are betting and playing the various casino games, including blackjack, online. Unlike the live casino experience, online gambling offer a life feed of dealer shuffling and dealing your cards from a different location. While the two of you are not in the same room, you can still interact with each other as if you were in a conventional brick and motor casino.

The more social casino games like blackjack, poker and craps also offer a life feed of the different players and allows the players to interact with each other through instant messages, voice and video conferencing. With online Blackjack, the players use a computer mouse of keyboard to interact with the virtual casino environment. While this is the case, you should still apply live casino etiquette. Some of the things you should focus on, in this case, are:

• Being attentive
• Knowing how to bet in blackjack or the game you are playing
• Sitting only when you want to play
• Respecting other players and dealers

Online Blackjack Variations

As opposed to the brick and motor casino blackjack game, the online gambling environment will not restrict you to a single variant. With online blackjacks, players can get a myriad of thrill-packed game variations. The odds while playing online blackjack changes from one game to another and so do the rule variations. With a clear grasp of the variations, you can have a lot of fun exploiting the different online casino blackjack game variations, including:

• Double attack blackjack – this is a furious version of blackjack that can only be played online. This variation features six to eight decks, but without the tens. While playing this variation, the players’ aim is to get closer to the 21 mark or surpass the dealer’s score.

• Multi-hand blackjack – if you are tired of playing the one hand variation of blackjack, you should consider trying the multi-hand blackjack. With the multi-hand variation, players can wager on not more than five hands—making the game even more interesting.

• European Blackjack – this variation features eight decks and is somewhat similar to the American variant of the game. Unlike the American blackjack, the European blackjack does not allow its players the ‘Surrender’ option.

The Odds in Online Blackjack

With online casino blackjack, players have a better opportunity to win, as compared to other casino games. Depending on the variant you are playing, you can win 2/1 or 3/2 while playing online blackjack. Additionally, online blackjack offers one of the lowest house edges in many casinos. The house edge for online blackjack can be as low as 0.28 percent. While this is the case, the payouts associated with online casino blackjack games vary greatly.

Among the main factors that affect the payout amount of this game is the blackjack variant you are playing. However, you should expect payouts of 2/1 and 3/2. In this regard, the Insurance side wager in the game pays 2/1. For instance, a player who wins a hand worth 21 an including a picture card, an ace of a ten gets a payout worth 3/2 his or her bet. However, if you and the game dealer get a blackjack, the payout will be equal to your original wager in the game.

Having fun while playing any casino game partly depends on the security offered. Knowing that your money is safe will give you piece of mind to play online blackjack. As an online gambler, security should be one of your main considerations when looking for an online casino that meets your gambling needs. In this regard, you should ensure that your preferred online casino offers a secure gambling environment online and offers software that is audited and fair.

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