The Amazing Success of Microgaming

Anyone who has played some of the top, officially-licensed Hollywood-themed slot games at an online casino is probably familiar with Microgaming. Microgaming is the company behind all those amazing slots. Microgaming has also produced some of the top casino platforms and all the related games on the platform. The internet gambling industry puts a lot of trust and faith in Microgaming to deliver. There is no reason to doubt what Microgaming can do. The company is always able to rise beyond expectations and impress even long-time industry followers.

Microgaming Basics

Microgaming first made a huge name for itself in 1994 when the company had a role in developing one of the very first online casinos. Whether or not the casino crafted by Microgaming was the absolute first online casino is up for debate.

Microgaming’s home office is the Isle of Man, which is a perfect location for the company. The United Kingdom remains a country that has issued licenses to a number of the biggest and most profitable online casinos in the global industry. Microgaming absolutely played a massive role in getting this industry off the ground in the 1990’s. Today, the landscape of internet gaming would look completely different without Microgaming’s contributions and influence.

The Gaming Inventory

The company notes it has produced 850 unique casino games and created around 1,200 variations of those same games. The proliferation of Microgaming creations is due to one reason: quality. Microgaming produces some amazing programs.

Casino gaming is not the only endeavor Microgaming is involved with. Sportsbooks, mobile gaming, and multi-player programs also bear the brand name. Even live dealer streaming software is produced by Microgaming. Those who like the experience of playing at a “real” game and working with a live dealer absolutely do appreciate this particular option Microgaming creates.

And then there are the amazing Microgaming slots. Again, a number of these slots are based on popular Hollywood movies and other properties. Jurassic Park, Brides Maids, Terminator 2, and Battlestar Galactica are among those titles.

Other popular slots Microgaming developed include Thunderstruck II, High Society, and Dolphia Quest. No matter what particular slot one chooses, Microgaming’s innovative experience greatly adds to slot gaming experience. The more visually impressive the slot games are, the better the overall gaming sessions are going to be. Micrograming’s designers want people to truly enjoy their sessions and keep coming back.

It is not exactly a secret that people play at online casinos in order to make money. Progressive slot games present the potential for winning big money and Mega Moolah, a top Microgaming slot, holds the record for paying out the largest award. The actual figure was a staggering $6.3+ million. Maybe in the future Microgaming and Mega Moolah will contribute to breaking that record.

The Poker Achievements

Next to slots, poker games may be the most popular endeavors for people who enjoy wagering. Microgaming has produced a host of solid poker games and even established a valuable online poker network dubbed the MPN. MPN, appropriately, stands for Microgaming Poker Network.

The MPN network was not put together in a slapdash manner. A great deal of thought when into making sure the multi-player experience would capture the feel of playing against others at a real casino. Additionally, special security features were integrated into the poker platform to enhance security and ensure the integrity of the experience.

Industry Honors and Awards

Microgamings consistent ability to deliver outstanding games has been honored at many top industry awards events. The awards bestowed upon Microgaming are among the most prestigious and difficult to win. Microgaming has risen to the top of these amazing awards lists time and time again. Among the impressive recent awards the company has won include the 2016 “Poker Software of the Year Award” at the EGR B2B Awards, the “Digital Product of the Year” and the “Digital Gaming Innovation Award” at the 2015 Global Gaming Awards, and the highly-prestigious “Innovator of the Year Award” at the International Gaming Awards in 2016.

These awards are not given out without serious, careful consideration. The governing bodies that bestow the awards do have to risk their own credibility each and every time an award is presented. Unless the recipient has done something incredibly exceptional, the awards is not going to be given. One would have a hard time stating Microgaming did not deserve any of the awards and honors the company has been presented. The consistently exceptional and innovative games in the Microgaming catalog are proof of a commitment to high standards of excellence.

The Always Innovative Company

Microgaming is never going to be accused of not changing with the times or try to recycle old successes. Microgaming is always working on delivering something new to the industry. Microgamings affiliation with Quickfire games is one example of how the company consistently expands and explores its market presence. Quickfire allows Microgaming to license out its games to other entities. Doing so allows Microgaming to work with other companies without developing original content exclusively for them.

Probably the most intriguing new concepts coming forth from Microgaming is a Virtual Reality headset. VR Roulette is the game being promoted the most, but VR is – to borrow from science-fiction literature – the shape of things to come.

Virtual reality software and hardware has finally been perfected, which is why video gaming companies are starting to release product that works with a VR helmet. No one should be shocked that VR technology is finding its way into casino gaming. Even fewer should be shocked that Microgaming was the company that is at the forefront of VR internet gambling.

Microgaming absolutely is not done innovating or impressing. Look for more amazing success stories from the company in the future.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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