Jamul’s Indian Village Fight of their Life

The battle is over and the little Indian village of Jamul has won it’s war against a giant. A battle, that began over 20 years ago, has ended with the grand opening of the beautiful 20 million dollar Hollywood Casino in Jamul, just outside San Diego, CA. off highway 94.

Blended beautifully with the gorgeous landscape, the casino provides a dream come true for the tribe to better the future for generations to come. Shear determination and perseverance are attributed to the Jamul Indians for never giving up on the plan to see the casino built. Year after year the giant came after them to stop their dream but they proved stronger, much like David with his stone and slingshot. This area though, is famous for acorns as they celebrate their heritage and teach tradition to younger generations. The Jamul tribe wanted more for their children and the dream was born. Recognized as an Indian Nation by the federal government in 1981 the elders knew they could offer more for their people. If they had known the giants they were about to fight they might have chosen another path. Sheer determination and a sense of hope kept them going. Ask any member of the tribe and they will admit the fight was worth every year it took. They were fighting for themselves and the future generations to have the American dream of a better life. It was more then a dream it was a quest they were determined to see until the end. The end is beautiful with pride and self-respect emanating from all of the casino staff.

A visit to San Diego must include a stop at Jamul Hollywood Casino. It rivals the grand casinos in Las Vegas and is worth the trip, just to view the architectural structure and the homage paid to Hollywood. Knowing the humble beginnings of the tribe and viewing the Hollywood casino makes the visit even more meaningful. The ambiance is reminiscent of early Hollywood during its glory days. It is more reminiscent then a trip to Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles. The casino is a step back in time, looks and feels like a place any star lite could be discovered by some famous producer. An environment that will envelope any gamer and add to the enjoyment.

In development every detail was considered and includes 1700 slot machines and live table games including poker. Also included are 7 dining areas from pizza to 1940s dining with everything in between. Another detail in the planning is the 10 story parking garage. The 30 year gaming contract with the state of California promises increase economic development bringing jobs and tourist into the area. The Casino is a much needed boost in the terms of profitability for the area.

Years of vision and believing in a dream, that is now complete, promises the best care and customer service to preserve the glory of winning the battle viagra new zealand. Pay honor to the little Indian Village of Jamul and visit the Hollywood Casino at your earliest convenience. Love Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Clark Gable or even Gregory Peck, a visit to Hollywood Casino in Jamul will make you feel like you could see anyone of them.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson has been reporting for Blog.ca for more than 8 years. He studied journalism at UGC and has published two books on how journalism influences the world.


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