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Best UK Online Casino List for Real Money – 2017

List Updated: 29 Sep 2017

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Online gambling is an ever changing environment, so it is pertinent that users are constantly up to date on the frequent changes, laws and the advancements and developments as the online gambling community is concerned.

That is why blog.ca makes it possible for players to be educated about all the latest legal uk friendly online casinos as well as any updates in developmental software and any promotions or bonuses that will be beneficial to players.

Real Money Online Casinos are now legal in the United Kingdom!

Gambling is a source of entertainment that millions of people indulge in on a daily basis. Slots, Texas Hold’Em, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and dozens of other games can be found in pretty much every casino that’s open for business. The games themselves are a lot of fun to play, and they can also provide someone with quite a thrill if they happen to hit the jackpot or win a lot of money.

With the coming of the internet, so many things that were difficult or cumbersome in any way are now convenient and easy to do–gambling included. Those who want to gamble on a daily basis may get tired of spending money on transportation to get to their favorite spot each time they want to make a trip, which is why many casinos have become available on the internet. However, there are a lot of factors that someone who wants to take their gambling to the world wide web should consider before they get started. Because it’s possible for anyone to access the internet, criminals are also known to wreak havoc in people’s lives there as well.


iSoftBet Online Casino Software Thrives Across Europe / UK

The United Kingdom is home to many companies involved with internet gambling. A number of amazing companies that have completely revolutionized the way wagering is performed. In London, an office building houses the headquarters of iSoftBet, a company that has provided outstanding software to the industry. Technically, the end user of the software is the gambler. While online casinos may rely on iSoftBet software to run a platform, it is the players who determine whether or not the software gets and official stamp of approval. If they find the experience a positive one, they will return to play again and again. Based on the success of iSoftBet’s output, players are definitely pleased with the programs.

iSoftBet: A Solid Software Company

iSoftBet has carved a name for itself in the online gambling world though developing solid online and mobile casino games. The casinos that seek to work with iSoftBet are some of the biggest in the industry. Gaming companies know onl the best providers are going to be capable of helping them achieve necessary profit margins. The faith so many companies show in iSoftBet tells the tale of how exception the software company’s output is.

Top Slots for Players

Slot gaming has millions of fans and iSoftBet does its best to produce exceptional slots to those who are feverously hungry for new themes and huge payoffs. Illusions 2, Spooky Family, Lucky Leprechaun, and Red Dragon Wild are among the more popular slots.

Several of the slot games are licensed from the entertainment industry. A few of the titles might even totally surprise even seasoned players. Games based on Platoon, Basic Instinct, Rambo, Beverly Hills 90210, and The Warriors are a few of the more interesting branded slots. Those wishing to re-experience the same fun times and feelings can do so when they try their luck with any one of these branded slots. The visuals and sounds are brilliant. iSoftBet put enormous effort into creating all its slot games.

The Table Game Itinerary

Casinos would be sparse place without a host of excellent table games to choose from. Several variations of roulette are available – VIP, Silver, American, European, and more. Unique games such as Punto Banco are interestingly available. Of course, well known and exceedingly popular games such as Blackjack – also with variations – have been designed by the company. None of these popular games could ever be called retreads. The designers and developers under the employ of iSoftBet worked very hard to make sure all of these “old” games deliver a brand new, appealing experience. The success of iSoftBet is not accidental. The array of table games proves as much.

A Company Continually on the Move

iSoftGames remains one of the top players in the industry thanks to a continual desire to find new partnerships and sign new deals. The casino gaming news headlines are often ablaze with reports about what iSoftGames has been able to achieve. Just as one story fades from the headlines, another one appears.

Realistic Games has signed a deal with iSoftBet to distribute games produced by the software leader. Realistic Games serves the wide swath of the European market and is far from a bit player in the industry. Realistic Games is also based in the United Kingdom. The company acts as a content provider of games for various platforms savoir plus. Various different partnerships frequently do come together in order to meet the needs of the many varied casino and non-gambling platforms throughout the industry. The deal signed between Realistic Games an iSoftBet reflects the growth of these partnerships.

Another recent achievement has been the deal iSoftBet signed with another industry giant, Evolution. The two have aligned together to launch a massive new project in Romania.

The venture is one of great historical significance. Evolution and iSoftBet are releasing the very first live casino studio in the Romanian territory. Based on the past performance of both these companies, the new live casino endeavor should prove to be a success. iSoftBet has a track record for debuting live casino ventures. The company was behind the first live casino in Italy.

Integration Flexibility Value

One major reason that iSoftBet is able to work effectively well with so many different companies is the company’s software and programming is enormously flexible. The flexibility allows for easy integration into a variety of websites and platforms. Granted, a bit of work may have to be performed in order to create the smooth transition to the new venue. iSoftBet has a solid team of technical experts who have the experience and skills necessary to seamlessly weave and adapt programming. The end result will be a fully functional and impressive platform that clients will be pleased with.

Follow-up work by the technical support staff is also available. All forms of technical or software services do run into problems at times. As long as the provider has a reliable technical support staff on hand to address the problems, then things can end up being resolved without much downtime. iSoftBet’s support team is available 24/7 to handle any issue. The policies associated with the support work further prove this is a serious company and one well-deserved of its strong reputation.

Player Analysis

Casinos working with iSoftBet are sure to be thrilled to learn the company has many advanced tools designed to track player behavior and performance. Among the specific benefits are the ability to track player habits and trends which, in turn, allows casinos to alter bonuses, rewards, and more to fit customer wants.

An Honest Service

The internet gaming industry is heavily regulated. iSoftBet consistently complies with all rules and requires put forth by the regulators in the various countries the company operates. This alone should give potential clients a good feeling about working with iSoftBet.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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