A Review of the EcoCard

There is a general confusion surrounding EcoCard that is in the name of the service and what it is actually. This makes it necessary to carry out a review on EcoCard to clear up the confusion and provide full information regarding it to people interested in using it. EcoCard may sound like it is a prepaid card but in actual sense it is an electronic wallet. The review below will expound on every facet concerning this service and with an emphasis on how it is used in online gambling. It is one of the best deposit methods in gambling and hence it is important to learn all that you need to do and know before using it for online gambling.

The EcoCard service is authorized and regulated by the United Kingdom and it acts as an issuer of electronic money. It enables the processing of payments in real time like for instance electronic funds transfers are done instantly and the money is sent electronically into the merchant’s account. In this case, the merchant’s account represents the EcoCard gambling sites. This service enables purchases to be instant and easy and they are all backed by the tight security associated with one of the top electronic wallets present in the industry.

How do You Sign Up for EcoCard

Signing up for EcoCard is among the easiest processes you will encounter in the industry of electronic money. In order to get your EcoCard account up and running, you should visit their site and proceed to click on the sign up button on the site. It is a small button found on top of the page. You will provide some personal information like name, phone number and address – and then create your own unique password and user name. You will also be required to select a currency and offer a credit card in most cases. All these details are registered in a few minutes and you will receive a verification mail in the e-mail address you used to register your account. After finalizing all these processes, your account will be set and ready to go.

Making Deposits

After your EcoCard account is set and activated, you will have a number of options to deposit funds into your electronic wallet. You can be able to make deposits using a credit card and this is accessible to all residents of any nation in the world. It is also possible to process your bank wire transfers to your account from anywhere in the globe. These two methods above are the primary methods of depositing money into your EcoCard account but it is also possible to get transfers from other holders of the Ecocard account. In a nutshell, the funding methods available are credit/debit card, electronic funds transfer or bank wire.

EcoCard Fees

Fees form a basic part of the online money services and you will definitely come across some fees while using EcoCard. With EcoCard, you will not need to pay any fees while signing up like in the case of other e-wallets. You will also not be charged any fees for bank wires and deposits made using a credit card. When you start up the electronic fund transfers, you will be required to pay a fee of 4.9%. You will also incur a 10 Euros fee for withdrawing funds to your bank account. This fee can be modified by the kind of currency you use to process your withdrawal. When sending payments to another EcoCard account, you will be subjected to pay a 1.5% fee for the transfer.

Other Services offered by EcoCard

Apart from offering the standard e-wallet, EcoCard also has two different types of MasterCards – the prepaid debit card and prepaid virtual card. The virtual card does not give you a plastic card but rather a 16-digit credit card number, a security code and expiration date. This number is used in online merchants. The prepaid debit MasterCard operates in the same way but you will get a plastic card (debit) to be used at ATMs, live merchants and all places where a MasterCard is accepted. You will have to apply for any of these cards from the EcoCard website and they come with their own conditions, terms, limitations and fees.

EcoCard Gambling

EcoCard makes the cut for gambling’s peak deposit methods. There is a huge number of poker rooms, casinos and sportsbooks that accept the EcoCard. This enables you to find your EcoCard at hand regardless of your flavor. EcoCard enables you to make deposits in an easy and secure manner; at times the deposits have enormous limits. Most EcoCard gambling sites can transfer your winnings into your card thereby eliminating the need to wait for the winnings for long or paying extraneous fees for them. The top EcoCard casinos include WinPalace Casino, Aladdin’s Gold, Slots Jungle, Casino Titan, Lucky Red Casino, Club World Casino and High Noon Casino. EcoCard Sportsbooks include Bet365 Sportsbooks, Bovada Sportsbook, DSI Sportsbook among others.

Advantages of EcoCard

There are various advantages you will stand to enjoy when you choose the EcoCard service like its free signing up process. EcoCard has an impregnable security that incorporates a high level of SSL encryption to prevent data theft. It I easy to access your account using an iPhone and it is not possible for you to incur debt as you use the service. It is possible to get money through your ATM machine or bank account as well as process international payments. You can also make anonymous payments using a credit card through the EcoCard. You will also enjoy various perks and promotions that are offered by Club EcoCard for using the service.

Other Useful Facts about EcoCard

EcoCard has an advantage over the conventional straight credit cards in that it does not require you to give your private banking information on the internet allowing you to remain anonymous. EcoCard is also accepted worldwide at various other merchants outside of gambling. You will be able to use your winnings either online or offline anywhere in the world as long as they accept MasterCard. You will also not be subjected to lengthy bank deposit processes that take a lot of time for funds from your online account.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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