Diner’s Club Card

The Diner’s Club Card is a widely known and accepted prime card. In fact, it is recognized and accepted at over 30 million merchants worldwide. The Diner’s Club Card offers various types of cards, each with their own exceptional benefits, for a well-rounded card that is suitable for both savvy consumers and professionals alike.

Consumer Cards

The Diner’s Club Consumer Card is a step above the rest with top-of-the-line features, such as a personal assistant, airport lounge access, car rental discounts, and Apple Pay, depending on which card you choose.

Diner’s Club Premier

The Diner’s Club Premier is just perfect for consumers who wish to enjoy the life of luxury on-the-go. Upon membership, consumers gain all out access to exclusive discounts at major rental companies, including Avis and Budget. They will also enjoy complimentary beverage service, flight information, and television during airline travel. And, if you’d prefer, make paying for your purchases a bit easier with Apple Pay, the contactless technology that enables you to use your compatible device to pay with just a simple touch, and purchases are insured and protected under the Diner’s Club Purchase Assurance Coverage. In addition, Diner’s Club Premier cardholders will also enjoy Identity Theft Assistance, Lost or Damaged Luggage Coverage, Baggage Delay Insurance, Road Assist Roadside Service, Worldwide Automatic Travel Accident Insurance, and more.

Diner’s Club Card Elite

The Diner’s Club Elite, is just what it implies. With the Diner’s Club Elite card, booking reservations just got easier. Upon membership, consumers will enjoy 24/7 access to personal assistants who remain on call ready to make important reservations for dinner, the spa, or a leisurely day of golf. And, with the Diner’s Club Elite, long gone are the days of boring waits during flight delays. Instead, head to the airport lounge, where you will enjoy English-speaking staff, flight information, free beverage service, newspaper, and business centers to help make your wait a bit smoother. Card members will also enjoy car rental discounts, Primary Collision Damage Waiver Coverage, lost or damaged luggage coverage, Apple Pay, and more.

Professional Cards

For professionals who require nothing but the best, even while traveling for business, the Diner’s Club professional cards has you covered. Upon membership, professionals will enjoy lavish benefits such as international cell phone rental, private jet access, and more, depending on the card.

Diner’s Club Card

Enjoy business travel with no limits, with the Diner’s Club Card global acceptance. In fact, the Diner’s Club Card, in alliance with MasterCard, is accepted anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. And with Club Cash Access, card holders can access cash from millions of ATM’s worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is just perfect in case of an emergency. Travel can come with its share of risks; however, with the Diner’s Club Card Identity Theft Assistance, which includes a toll free and online assistance hotline, card members are in good hands. Diner’s Club Card Members will also enjoy personal assistants, airport lounge access, lost or damaged luggage coverage, and more.

Carte Blanche Card

Making big moves sometimes involve making calls abroad. With the Carte Blanche Card, members will enjoy free, unlimited international cell phone rentals in over 140 countries. Make your moves from one of many airport lounges around the world, while enjoying complimentary beverages, or enjoy a private conversation via private jet access, in luxury travel, brought to you by Bombardier Skyjet. The choice is yours. Carte Blanche cardholders will also enjoy personal assistants, damaged or lost luggage coverage, baggage delay insurance, MasterAssist, and more.

Corporate Cards

Travel in style with the Diner’s Club Corporate Cards, which includes the Diner’s Club Corporate Card and the Diner’s Club Carte Blanche Card, for more serious members.

Diners Club Corporate Card

The Diner’s Club Corporate Card is not without its share of exciting perks, including up to 60 days to pay. Upon membership, Diner’s Club Corporate Card members will enjoy extended pay periods, which is especially important during long trips. Payment in full is due each billing period; however, cardholders are given up to two full billing periods to pay without accumulating late charges. In addition, cardholders also enjoy account protection on disputed charges on their account. During which time, the balance is promptly credited to the account during the investigation, and no charges are due until the investigation is complete. Cardholders will also enjoy E-Account Manager, Value-Added Tax Reclaim, and more.

Diner’s Club Carte Blanche Corporate Card

Executive members require exceptional benefits. The Diner’s Club Carte Blanche Corporate Card is the Diner’s Club’s most prestigious card and includes luxurious perks, such as 24/7 Carte Blanche Personal Assistants, luggage, rental car, and purchase Comprehensive Insurance Protection, VIP Concierge service, and Diner’s Club Lounges, which include internet access, phone fax services, mobile charging stations, flight information, newspapers, television, and complimentary beverages.

Program Managers

For program managers looking to increase value for your organization, the Diner’s Club will work with you to determine a complete card program that fits your business’ needs. From the Diner’s Club Declining Balance Corporate Card, to the Diner’s Club Event Card Program, to The Diner’s Club Multinational Corporate Card, and more, you are sure to discover a card program that meets your needs.

Travel Management Companies

Offer your clients a complete travel management solution, while earning incentives. Simply partner with the Diner’s Club Travel Management Solution, and your clients will enjoy a superior product package, up to 60 days of extended payment terms, a descriptive billing statement that makes compiling business travel expenses simpler, and more.

Club Rewards

No serious card is without its rewards, and the Diner’s Club Card is no exception. In fact, the Diner’s Club invented the first card-based rewards program. With the Diner’s Club Card, members will earn Club Rewards points on all purchases, including grocery stores, fuel service stations, drug stores, pharmacies, and more, and there is no limit to the points you can earn.

For more than 50 years, the Diner’s Club has been serving satisfied customers worldwide. To experience the best of perks while you travel or shop, contact the Diner’s Club for membership.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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