Current Status Of Online Gambling In Alberta

Like other Canadians, most Albertans are lovers of gambling. Gambling is taken to a whole new level in this province, even though others have not completely embraced online gambling. The history of gambling can be traced back to AB’s first casino in 1967 at Edmonton. The province of Alberta got its first casino in 1980 called the smack. The second one followed the year after at Edmonton highway. The province has since then experienced an upsurge in the number of casinos and it can be reported that the modern day has over a dozen casinos. The Alberta government does not operate online casinos and therefore Albertans who wish to enjoy online gamble must do so in websites that are regulated by other governments.

Regulated Online Gambling

Alberta offers numerous gambling sites where one can choose any form of a gamble to play. Offshore operators run the sites. Some casino sites are even managed by the international gaming authorities. This has made the government of Alberta to start thinking about how they could begin operating and regulating online gambling. This should not scare away gamblers that they have to wait until the government sites are operational. All other sites are safe and one can still play on them without fear.

From 2012, out-dated video gamble terminals have been replaced gradually. This was great news to the online gaming fans. The law, however, dictates who can have such terminals and the number allowed to each. This fact has made available many options for online gamblers. The numbers are so high that even if the government decides to open its own sites, there would be still room for other sites operated by other international players.

There are many casinos online. However, a player must be sure to find out which of them is fair, reputable and honest. The best casinos are considered to be those that offer customer friendly options, best gaming selections, and fast cashouts to the customers. Jackpot casino, Boomtown casino and century casino Edmonton are ranked highly according to the customer reviews. Cirrus casino, euro city, and cherry red casinos are some of the casinos that have been blacklisted for not meeting the ethics of gambling.

Gaming Laws

The law requires that any all casinos must be operated at premises that are licensed for gambling purposes. The unavailability of a legislation prohibiting members of the public from playing at foreign casinos and poker sites means that it is still legal to do so but starting unlicensed “mortar n brick” casino or a casino website is illegal in Alberta. The minimum age for gamblers is 18 years.

All the gambling sites are currently regulated by countries of origin and each country has its own regulations. Casinos that originate from Gibraltar and Finland have the same regulations and are considered as the best in the gambling business. When a player wins in any game, he or she is not required to pay any tax.

Casino gamblers have used the motto “strong and free” to show how strongly they believe in their casinos. Alberta is considered the place to be for anyone who would wish to experience the top casino services in the world. The residents have the options to choose from the best casino sites in the province both on the land-based and on the online sites. Albertans have at their disposal the online slots, blackjack and roulette to enjoy and be happy with their friends, as well as win big prizes.

Albertans have an excellent selection of games to choose from. The softwares offer high-quality interactions for the players. Another outstanding feature about the Alberta casinos is the exciting tournaments and the great poker community around the province. Most people living in Alberta have casino fun just near them but others who are far from land-based casinos must look for alternatives elsewhere. The live gambling activities in the province are mainly controlled by first nations each day. The gaming-hungry fans can have the best time of their lives enjoying poker, roulette, blackjack or even slots. Casinos such as the Stoney Nakoda, Eagle river, and river Cree resort have all been identified and strict observant of the gaming policy of the first nations. This, therefore, means that the casinos are regulated by Alberta gaming and liquor commission although they are located on reserve land.

Top Alberta casinos offer real cash outs to the gamblers especially to the lovers of the blackjack and roulette. These casinos are also installed with the slickest software features that make the action super-fast. Mobile casinos have enabled casino lovers to play even when they are about doing their activities or are on the road. Big casinos would offer the best entertainment and fun but gamblers must be ready to bet with higher deposits than in the online casinos. It is recommended that anyone willing to play online casino must ensure that the site has great customer service that is suitable to all the Albertans.

Mobile Online Gaming

Albertans can now use their mobile phones to play gambling.IOS, android, and blackberry devices can now be used comfortably by players to make their bets because there are online casinos with technologies supported by such the devices. These technologies enable gamblers to bet on the go and there is no need to be tied down to a device for one to play online. Web browsers and built- in applications have made it able for players to use their mobile phones to play. The applications even make it easier to access and play because they are designed in a way that suits every game. The applications have the disadvantage of taking much space in the players’ device making them slow and are not available for every casino.

Benefits of Gambling To the Locals

The proceeds from the gambling activities like the electronic bingo, VLTs, diamond millions progressive slots are channeled to the Alberta lottery fund. This supports many activities such as the local volunteers, community, and public initiatives. The money is estimated to be above $ 1Billion each year.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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