British Columbia Tells Off the Online International Gambling Companies Operating Like Monopolies

About BLCC

British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) started with the aim of providing gambling and entertainment services in British Columbia, Canada. The company’s CEO and President, Mr. Jim Lightbody leads a team of 135 employees in realizing the company’s goals and objectives. BLCC operates under the directives of the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General while the government is involved in the appointment of the company’s Board of Directors. BLCC runs the since 2014, and it is the first legal online gambling website in Canada. They have their headquarters in Kamloops, Canada and another office in Vancouver.

Their services

Since inception in October 1984, the company is responsible for conducting management, and operations of the casino gaming, sports betting, lottery games, and online betting to their clients. They also are also involved in the selling of various lottery products in the retail, gambling, and hospitality industries in British Columbia. The corporation also gives marketing services to the national and regional lottery games together with other Canadian provinces. The games offered by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation include Scratch & Win, Breakopen, Lotto 6/49, BC/49, and Extra Daily 3. Lotto, Chaser Sports Action, Bingo, Super 7, Keno, and Pulltab. It was a former subsidiary of the Western Canada Lottery Foundation before becoming it started running on its own.

British Columbia protects monopoly

British Columbia gaming officials have made a decision to stop the operations of the international online gamblers to the Canadian residents. The Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (GPEB) sent a letter to 19 different CEOs of online gambling companies warning them against running their operations on the British Columbia residents. They also stated that any continued service would be a violation of the Criminal Code of Canada and the Gaming Control Act. GPEB said that only the British Columbia Lottery Corporation had the mandate to run their operations in the province. They also sent a list of offenders to other provinces, and they are planning to hold a meeting with the regulators in Europe to discuss the ways of protecting their monopoly.

Failure to withdraw services

However, there is an argument on the operations of the gambling companies where some institutions claim that the international online sites are free to give their services to the residents as long as they are not in Canada. Therefore, if the international sites decide to ignore the letters sent by GPEP, then the British Columbia Lottery Corporation might experience problems in offering their service. Other companies in other provinces that have unsuccessfully tried to stop the international sites from giving their services to their residents include the Quebec and Ontario.


GPEB is the body charged with regulation of all the B.C.s gambling, maintaining high levels of integrity, and investigations of any complaint in the gambling industry. Additionally, British Columbia Lottery Corporation has collaborated with the Gaming Policy & Enforcements Branch and the BC Responsible & Problem Gambling to form the BC Responsible Gambling Strategy in Canada. The strategy aimed at creating awareness through education on the harmful impact of the excessive and uncontrolled gambling. They also help in providing free treatment and support to the ones addicted to gambling.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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