British Columbia making moves to protect its interest and control over the online gambling market

In an unexpected retaliation against online gambling operators, British Columbia officials sent out notices to gambling operators to not indulge in the behavior of taking wagers from residents of the province. Violation and breach of this order would otherwise be seen as the Violation of the Criminal Code of Canada as well as the Gaming Control Act.

This comes at a time when online gambling operators are seeing a surge in their business and causing a purported loss to British Columbia Lottery which has seen a drop in the business because of a lack of gaming options provided by them. The younger gaming audience seems to have shifted their focus to the online gambling market which seems to be satisfying their cravings for now.

The alleged letter has stated that British Columbia Lottery Corporation is the only lottery company to that has the right to conduct the lottery business in the area and that the company has full rights to manage and conduct the operations as a monopoly. The letter further states that no other group has been allowed to conduct lottery operations in the state and if they are looking to operate, they would be needing the approval of the Gaming Policy enforcement branch before continuing any such activity. The letter also states that British Columbia has shared the list of offenders with the other provinces in the state and discussions are to be carried out with regards to the legal framework involved in doing business in the area. Meetings and further forums have also been arranged with European regulators to control this limited market in favor of British Columbia Lottery Corporation. While the company claims an outcry of gambling and lottery operations on their turf, the online gambling sites are of an opinion that internationally operated sites are perfectly legal as they don’t have any operations in the country and for them to infringe any law, the online gamblers would actually need to set bases in the respective country of their alleged operations.

This move made by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation could go on to have nil or little effect with the online gambling portals that may just ignore this outburst by the company and carry on with its usual business. In the past companies like Ontario and Quebec tried taking the same measures as British Columbia only to be ignored and questioned by the federal communications regulator of Canada on their purported grievance of asking to block these websites. The online gambling market may see their business unaffected by this trivial stands and would continue their services as they had been doing in the past unless something major comes up in the block.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson has been reporting for for more than 8 years. He studied journalism at UGC and has published two books on how journalism influences the world.

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