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Less than two decades, even the thought of venturing into the gaming industry would be laughed off as a loose goose chase. The industry was highly dominated by international mega giants that could smell competition from afar and sniff it out before it gained heat on the ground. As if that wasn’t enough, the industry was largely analogous, running on wooden and metallic gaming, and poker machines. The initial investments required to develop, ship them to various stations as well as maintain them was also prohibitive. Simply stated, the gaming industry didn’t encourage or support startups and new entrants were poorly welcomed. But then came the modernization era that led to digitization, which is currently impacting every part of human life. This era has seen among most other things, the rise of several digital companies in the gaming industry key among them being Betsoft, an online gaming company.

What does Betsoft deal with?

Betsoft Company is a pioneer in the online casino gaming. Before 2005, the furthest most gaming companies had developed their games to the extent of incorporating artificial intelligence as well as multiline layout features to their machines. This meant that most regular players always missed out on their favorite games especially when they couldn’t access casinos as that was the only place most companies were allowed to erect their gaming machines. However, Betsoft sought to turn this around and provide a less rigid gaming experience, accessible on the move. That’s how the idea of online gaming was conceptualized and first experimented.
Betsoft understood the power of technology and thus sought to maximize on it by digitizing existing casino games and availing them on online gaming platforms, mostly websites and mobile applications. The company then started developing even more exciting games exclusive to their online gaming site. The almost immediate success of this trend was picked up by other players in the industry. Today, almost every gaming company has adapted Betsoft’s technology and established several online gaming sites in addition to digitizing almost all of their games.

What makes Betsoft’s games popular in internet gaming?

Betsoft didn’t just champion the online gaming revolution. The company still leads the industry by continually setting online gaming standards. It achieves this through the adoption of some of the most advanced technology in the development of their games making them a sensation to the online players. Here are some of the reasons the Betsoft games remain some of the most popular online casino games.

• They incorporate 3D animation technology
Almost all of Betsoft games have been developed using the 3D cinematic technology used in the animation. How does this impact the games? Apart from being clearer, even when played using different screen resolutions; this technology adds a touch of professionalism not common with similar games.

• Trendy games
The digital world is ruled by trends, a factor the company thoroughly understands. For this reason, it is always developing exciting games in line with the latest trends, especially in the entertainment industry. For instance, looking at their games collection, you will realize that most of their games draw their inspiration from popular movies and series showcased around the globe. This factor especially draws in a lot of public attention that then translates to increased players of the different games.

• The company offers a variety of games
What kinds of games interest you most? Do you like fantasy, movie inspired or story based games? Betsoft has something for everyone. The company takes pride in probably the largest collection of online games in the industry today and promises a thrill for everyone.

• Ease of operation
Betsoft understands that everyone on the internet is probably looking for ways to make life less complicated. It also understands that to get more people subscribing to their games; they have to make their online gaming sites, easily navigable and their games easy to play. For this reason, Betsoft company has developed one of the most user-friendly gaming sites in the market today.

What other services does Betsoft Company offer?

Betsoft is all about online casino games. Nevertheless, the company understands the insatiability of the online community. The company is also alive to the fact that they alone can’t satisfy the global market. For this reason, the company also develops online games on behalf of other gaming companies. Additionally, the company assists other casinos to digitize their games as well as provide software backups to their existing games.

Over time the company has attracted some of the most brilliant and talented minds in the industry. It relies on their prowess to provide its customers with the most sophisticated games the industry has witnessed yet. According to their website, these innovative minds challenge themselves every day into developing advanced and better versions of their previous day’s development. Such determination can thus be seen as the secret behind their constant success and ability to remain competitive.

What are some of the company’s most popular games today?

As mentioned above, the company has one of the largest games collections today. The Monkey Money game introduced the company into the global market. The game’s uniqueness in terms of cinematic experience was unrivaled at the time, a factor that showcased the company as a new force to reckon with. Similar award winning games that followed include the Birds, Aztec Treasures, The Great 88, The Alkemor’s Tower, and The 4 seasons. Their technicality in development, especially in user friendliness as well as the incorporation of superior audio-visual enhancements has been the key to their wide reception in the market.

How Promising is Betsoft’s future in the Gaming industry?

Recent press releases indicate that Betsoft seeks to grow its brand further and expand its line of products. Just recently, it launched Android gaming applications to boost the IOS applications it has been riding on for the past decade. In the past two years, the company has also entered into several partnerships with several gaming enterprises all over the world. This move is aimed at solidifying its global presence. Putting all these recent developments and achievements into perspective, one would not help but to notice a promising future for Betsoft.

In less than a decade, Betsoft has managed to take the gaming industry by storm and play a key role in the future of the gaming industry. The company is not only setting the pace in the industry through its own games but also through the games it develops for its competitors. Several other factors such as inventiveness and game variety have also played a crucial role in helping the company carve out a niche in the online gaming market as well as maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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