A Gambling Poll Indicates That Online Betting Is the Most Harmful According To British Colombians

Gambling is a form of an entertainment activity where participants make a prediction of the outcome of events and win money. Gamblers are required to invest money for to be allowed to participate in the activity. People start gambling for a different reason and most of the end up being addicted to gambling. The gambling addiction or compulsive gambling is a serious control disorder. It makes it hard for gamblers to quit gambling. Even after knowing the negative consequences of gambling, still, the impulse can’t let them quit.

Consequences of gambling

Some studies carried out in the past have shown that the compulsive gambling has lots of negatives to one’s life. Compulsive gamblers are unable to control their finances, social life and even maintain their jobs. Most of the gambling consequences are similar to those of drug addiction, and this makes a compulsive gambling a serious problem.

Which is the most harmful form of gambling

According to a report released by Angus Reid survey, online gambling is one of the most dangerous forms of gambling. It can be done anywhere provided you have an internet access. It doesn’t require anyone to visit a casino to gamble. More people who gamble using the internet are more likely to become compulsive gamblers. The survey carried out indicated that online gambling is 56% harmful compared to video lottery terminal which is 50% harmful. Casino gambling was 46% harmful; race betting was 40% harmful, and sports betting is the least harmful form of betting being 34% harmful.

What triggers compulsive gambling

According to the director of UBC’s Centre for Gambling Research, slot machines are more likely to trigger gambling addiction. This because of the bright lights, loud music and they are so quick. Using lottery machines, you can determine whether you have lost or won within a short time. On the other side, the director of Angus Reid Shachi Kurl thinks that although only 14 percent of the people living in Canada uses internet for gambling, online gambling is more likely to trigger impulsive gambling. The reason for this being it is accessible at all times 24/7.

Most common form of gambling in British Colunmbia

The lottery is one of the most used forms of gambling among Canadian citizens. According to the survey carried out, 82% of the people who participated had or had a person they know who had bought a lottery ticket in 2014. Forty-three percent of the people who took part in the survey had been involved in charitable gambling, and only 14 percent thinks that gambling is harmful. Seventy-one percent of the British Columbia residents believes the government is doing a good thing to regulate gambling compared to 61% who thinks the same across the country.

Most people in Canada don’t take gambling as a bad thing. In fact, the biggest portion of the population had participated in gambling in one way or another. Online gambling has not yet become common in the country, though it is believed to be one of the most toxic forms of gambling. It is more like to trigger compulsive gambling which is a serious problem among the gambler.

Written by: Andrew Johnson

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